• CRG ProShoppers customer service awards are customized to reward and recognize both your star individuals and teams.

  • Assigned a personal account manager of one of the industry's leading market research companies.

  • A sales receipt, documenting the visit, accompanies each survey.

  • Each customized market research survey is unconditionally guaranteed for TOTAL satisfaction.  

CRG ProShoppers LLC

Here at CRG ProShoppers Customer Service Awards, we are dedicated to you and all aspects of your market research needs.

We've been around for over 22 years and have successfully conducted in excess of 87,000 visits to all facets of the retail and hospitality industry from Sears to Taco Bell.

We, here at CRG Proshoppers are also proud to claim that we are one of the only market research services allowed to operate in post security areas of our Nation's airports.

Even MORE  benefits:

  • Retention of repeat Customers 

  • Highly motivated employees
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Optimal sales performance
  • Enhanced loss prevention
  • Front-line supervisory support
  • Cost effective competitive advantage
  •  "Operational peace of mind" 24/7
           CRG ProShoppers
                 America's Premier Mystery Shopping Service since 1991. SM