Unprecedented performance can be expected by simply starting with an exclusive, comprehensive         market research survey form designed by one of the leading market research companies in the             industry.  Your employees, interfacing with the Customer, know that CRG ProShoppers Customer  

  Service Awards are on the look out for people doing it right!  They also realize CRG ProShoppers are always looking for opportunities to reward and recognize employees rendering exemplary service to   

  their customers! This one exclusive feature will work wonders in YOUR concept!

Tele-Shop Monitoring

A highly cost effective means of reaching out and monitoring facilities near and far.

Does your company really need a Mystery Shop service?

Award & Recognition for your star employees

           CRG ProShoppers
                 America's Premier Mystery Shopping Service since 1991. SM

CRG ProShoppers, one of the leading market research companies in America, monitors the pulse of your Customers.

Target Intercepts

An effective means of retrieving valuable data your Customer's perceptions of Service, Products and Facilities.

Good question, CRG ProShoppers takes great pride in delivering meaningful feedback from the actual Customer Service touch point. But, do you really need this business acumen? 

The fact is, a positive impression leads to a bond between the consumer and concept.  This bond will evolve into a transaction contributing to immediate short term growth and has the power to create a relationship that can last a lifetime.

                                                                                                        - Don Bode, CEO and Founder of CRG ProShoppers L.L.C.

CRG ProShoppersSM now offers an exclusive means of taking advantage of the most tried and proven method of achieving optimal employee performance...

On site monitoring a.k.a. Mystery Shopping

The most cost effective (and most popular) method for monitoring  your Customer's experience. Today's successful regional to national retail/hospitality chains have come to rely on this form of monitoring the Customer Service Experience as a necessary management tool. 

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